Lean Services

Value Stream Mapping, Gap Analysis, & Tactical Planning

The most value in value stream mapping is being able to see and understand the whole value stream process. Departmental cost reductions are usually quick fixes accomplished at the expense of others and eventually are lost due to inadequate process management. Mapping helps to prioritize kaizen efforts aimed at making a bigger impact for customers satisfaction instead of just a shotgun approach.  

Lean Bootcamp Training

Discover how lean impacts profit, lead-time, inventory, quality, and customer service. Understand and develop a strategy for successfully applying lean enterprise principles. Learn the most common lean tools and techniques (VSM, 6S, Set-up Reduction, TPM, etc.) through our interactive simulations and how to apply them using rapid process improvement (Kaizen) events. 

Root Cause Analysis Training

Learn how Toyota's Kata methods, 6W2H, Fishbone, and 5-Why problem solving tools can be applied to RCA using our 8-Step Plan Do Check Act methodology. This methodology can be used to solve problems in Quality, Safety, Delivery, Productivity, etc. Coach and Learner Certification system available for organizations.    

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Kaizen & Quick Changeover Events

From a Lean perspective, all changeover activity is waste. While it cannot be eliminated completely, your goal is to reduce changeover to a minimum. Quick Changeover in a Lean environment is applicable to machine-intensive processes, as well as to assembly lines or office environments where changeover for the next product or service is needed. 

Team Engagement Assessment, Tactical Plan & Implementation

 Organizations that make engagement a top priority will almost certainly perform better than their peers that drown their staff in work without thinking twice. Why? Engaged employees are happier and more productive than their counterparts who dread showing up to work every day. 

Lean Coaching

Our clients are always amazed at how quickly we "get them." Our open communication, understanding and empathy transform the tone of change from resistance to anticipation.While our purpose is to grow your business, it's the passion and speed in transferring our knowledge that clients value most. We take teams to a whole new level of understanding and performance.